Why Is Your AdWords Account Suspended, Banned?

If you are asking this question, you must be a worried lot. As an advertiser you are unable to promote your goods and services via Google.


And as a Google partner, it means you are no longer receiving revenue from offering advertisement service. Truth is many individuals dread the day when their AdWords account will be suspended. In fact, many try their best to avoid this from ever happening. So, why would your account get suspended?

Your Site Solely Displays Ads

Google may ban your account if it purely displays ads and doesn’t redirect visitors to the site selling the services. For instance, you may use the site to redirect a potential buyer to another a landing site that is promoting rather than selling the advertised products. A user will become frustrated after following the link only to be directed to another advertising page. Naturally, a customer will complain of this and Google will ban the account.

Get-Rich-Quick Site

Google are very strict when it comes to providing services to their customers. They want a site that offers true information and is no way intended to defraud or offer false information. A good site should offer invaluable information to a user and add value to their lives. If by any chance Google detects or customers complain that you run a “Get-Rich-Quick” site, you will most definitely be banned. Target sites include those that promise huge amounts of money in a short time, pyramid schemes, or are based on falsehood.

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Your Site Has Malware

Many accounts are suspended or banned because they contain malicious software (malware). Some owners may or may not know about this. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t tolerate sites with malware. Accounts that are created solely for gathering information from other users are also banned even if they don’t contain malware. The firm doesn’t take lightly the issue of installing software without seeking permission from the intended target, or doing it without some form of agreement.

Low Quality Website

Your AdWords account may be suspended because of low quality. Although it is mainly used for advertisement, Google still expects it to be of high standards. The content should be true and unique, the layout should be user-friendly, and it should conform to Google’s policies. Spamming the site with keywords, using rehashed contents, or poor-quality images may lead to the account being suspended or banned.

Advertising Illegal Goods

Google doesn’t tolerate the advertising and selling of illegal goods and services. In fact, this is clearly stipulated in their terms and conditions. In case they discover or receive complaints about your site advertising unlawful goods or services, they will bring it down. The legality of the adverts varies from region to region, and some prohibited keywords include gambling, casinos, abortion, alcohol-related content, smoking and more.

A time may come when your AdWords account will be suspended or banned. Unfortunately, many people never know what to do and will start panicking. Your first step should be contacting Google to know why it has been banned and if anything can be done. But, usually nothing can be done to salvage the situation. The next step is opening a new account using a different name. It’s paramount not to link it with the previous account or domain.

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