Why I Hate AdWords

Michael had grown up on the lovely beaches of California and as a child, he always felt that there were a lack of beach accessories for the swimmers and revelers.


As any other Californian boy, growing on the beaches of San Francisco made him fall in love with the beaches and he also dreamt of pursuing a career on the beaches only.

However, like other Californian boys, he also found it pretty difficult to have a career in the same, as there was only one feasible job and that was of a life saver. However, with the passage of time Michael realized the importance of ecommerce and thought of a business idea.

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Michael started a beach accessory business and with the help of Google AdWords he was able to promote his shop in a much better and improved way. Although, initially the earnings were not that much but Michael knew that this business might be slow to pick up but once it does, the earnings will shot through the roof.

Initially, people did not know much about this beach accessory shop of Michael’s and thus, the sale counter was low. However, with the passage of time and with the spread of his shop’s name through word of mouth, he started having some sales. However, the earnings were still too meagre to be called sustainable. Thus, Michael had to think of some other idea of promoting his shop and his name in the genre of beach accessories.


After a thorough search on internet, he came up with the idea of using Google AdWords as a medium for the promotion of his shop. Thus, he started using the service in order to make the sales go up and this idea clicked like anything.

His sales slowly but surely started to go through the roof and he was slowly making a name for himself in the field of beach accessories. Furthermore, he developed another source of income and that source was of AdWords itself. After a certain period of time, Google AdSense made his account certified and he was ready to generate more income through AdWords. Everything was going well for the big and the burly Michael but soon tragedy struck.

As Michael was nearing his complete payout of Google AdSense, his account was closed! This came as a rude shock to Michael, as for his understanding and his thoughts, he had taken care of everything and was doing everything according to the rule book. However, the closing of his AdSense account came as a big dampener.

He contacted Google and asked them to explain the reason for such impulsiveness in closing his account and the answers which he got were far from satisfactory. The only theory that he could postulate for such a doing was that probably Google saved the payout which he was going to have, as Google told him that his payout has also been cancelled.

His sales apart from his earnings also took a downwards slope, as there were no keywords present to make his case stronger.