Why AdWords Disabled Your Account

Starting up with Google AdWords is quite simple, according to the Google AdWords’ welcome page all you need to do is follow a few simple online steps to open your account, write your ad, choose your keywords, set the budget and that’s all. uj218934Sounds simple enough for you? Well, apparently some people might not agree with you. A lot of new advertisers are having a hard time even just to open their AdWords accounts, some other are doing rookie mistakes that cost them money.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when they open a new AdWords account:

Using prepaid (gift) Visa or MasterCard for opening

Nowadays it seems that people are using prepaid gift or credit cards for just about anything, including when they signup for a new AdWords account.

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Unfortunately, it’s not a very good idea to use a prepaid gift or credit card to open a new AdWords account, this is because it could draw some unnecessary attentions from the AdWords employees who might think that you are a non-legitimate advertiser, it could even got you banned. Sticking with a debit card or regular credit card is the best you can do.

The Credit Cards billing address does not match your address used for AdWords

This is actually not a very extraordinary thing and actually quite common. Maybe you just recently moved to a new home and haven’t had a chance to change the address on your credit card, but this could make your account suspended. It’s best if you update your credit card address first before you signup for an AdWords account.

IP address used to open new account does not match the state

Maybe you signup to AdWords during your journey abroad or outside of the state where you live, but this might look suspicious. So it’s best to signup when you’re at home.

Using a computer that has been used with a suspended AdWords account before

It’s obviously not a good idea, Google can pick it up very quickly and suspend your current account. When an account is suspended, it’s clearly that the account owner was violating the rules. So using the same computer is like telling Google that the person who violated their rules is back.

Setting a very high daily ad budget after opening the account e.g. more than $100

Google AdWords is not magic, it takes time to build up real traffic to your website, so setting a daily budget that’s too high is really not a good idea.


Copying other Ads – word by word

Google hates duplicate content on anything, including in AdWords ad. This could definitely get your account suspended. Copying someone else’s ad is very unethical and Google will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Almost no one can get away with this, even when miraculously somehow Google doesn’t detect it, the owner of the ad that you copy could find out and report you. So this kind of thing will only hurt your campaign.





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