Why AdWords Closed Your Account In The First Place

It is fairly easy to start up a Google AdWords account! Simply by writing your ad, selecting your keywords and setting up a budget you will be able to enjoy all the benefits associated with this powerful advertising machine.


It looks quite simple, doesn’t it? But there are some people who believe that there is much to the story. Many individuals continue to make severe mistakes when it comes to opening their Google AdWords accounts, and some of them are even losing serious money.

Below you will find some of the most common mistakes that people make when opening a new AdWords account:

Making use of prepaid Visa or MasterCard for opening

There are lots of individuals who use prepaid gifts or credit cards for just about anything, including whey they sign up for a new AdWords account.

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Using a prepaid gift or credit card to upon a new AdWords account may transform you in a non-legitimate advertiser or may even get your banned. It is indicated that you use a debit card or regular credit card.

The address used for AdWords does not match the Credit Cards billing address

Many individuals can make this mistake. You can easily get your account suspended if you move to a new home and you forget to change your billing address in your account. Before signing up for a new AdWords account, you need to make sure that all the details are in place.

IP address used to open the AdWords account does not match your local city

Avoid setting up your account when your travel to a different country or state because you may look suspicious if you sign into your account from different IPs.

Signing in from a computer that has been used with a suspended AdWords account in the past

Google can easily detect this action and there are high chances for you to get your account banned. The previous user was probably violating Google’s rules and that’s why he got banned. Therefore, Google will believe that the guy who violated their rules in the past has now opened a new account and will probably do the same.


Establishing a really high daily ad budget after opening the account (more than $100)

You will have to wait a while to build up some real traffic to your website, even when using Google AdWords, so don’t try to rush things by setting up high daily budgets.

Copying other Ads

If there is one thing that you should avoid when using all Google services that will be duplicated content. You will surely get your account banned if copy your Ads from other users.

Even if you pass Google’s copyright detection system, you will probably get reported by the owner of the ad and that will get you suspended as well.





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