Top 4 Reasons AdWords Suspends AdVertisers

It can be very annoying in the field of online marketing if my AdWords account is suspended.


The majority of people are astonished the moment it occurs. Google practice a strict policy of intolerance. If I fail to adhere to terms and conditions set by Google, it is practically impossible to get a fresh account under the original name. This implies that I won’t be able to generate traffic using the same domain via AdWords again. It is, therefore, imperative to prevent suspension of my account. The question is why could my AdWords account be suspended? The reasons include the following;
1. Publishing misleading materials

Google can put my account on hold if they suspect that my content is misleading. For instance, giving an unclear explanation about my products as well as advancing aggressive allegations at the expense of my competitors. To protect my AdWords account, I should also cautiously apply superlative words like “excellent”. Furthermore, I should ensure that I have permission when using copyrighted content, trade names and legitimate websites.

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2. If my site was hacked

Although Google has not included a “hacked web page” as a reason, they can still suspend my AdWords account if my page was hacked. This happens especially if my website redirects to a poor lander due to hacking. Website hacking occurs now and then and contacting Google may not help much. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that my website is extremely safe to avoid hacking.

3. Operating a “get-rich-instantly” website.

It is vital to carefully consider the definitions I gave in my site. I should rethink what I refer to as a “get-rich instantly” website. Possibly, my web page provides precious information useful to people starting their businesses. Perhaps the allegations regarding my products are genuine or perhaps these issues may work or not. What must stick in my mind is that Google initiated the policy of suspending AdWords account based on complaints from consumers. Hence, if Google suspect that my account will receive protests as a “get-rich-instantly” website, they can suspend it.


4. Soliciting private information from users

My AdWords account will be suspended if I created it with the main aim of gathering private information from the users. This is regardless of the presence of viruses on your site which may distort definitions. Websites which provides gifts to solicit for information from users can be suspended as prescribed in the Google’s policy. Though there are several genuine reasons to offer free products, I should remember that my AdWords account can be suspended, and chances of getting it back are very slim. It is, therefore, necessary to be cautious when offering gifts to consumers else it may be mistaken to mean I just want to gather information.

In conclusion, if my AdWords account is suspended, I should first reach Google via 1-866-2-google for assistance. Normally, little can be done and hence the only existing alternative is to create a fresh account in a distinct name to continue using AdWords.

Since the new account cannot be tied to previous domains or account, I should try as much as possible to prevent suspension of my account.



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