The Guy Who Lost Everything After AdWords Banned His Account

I met up with Charles Oshiro, who lost everything he built online because Google decided to ban his Adwords account for life.


BAB: Hi Charles, pleasure to meet u. I want to thank you for taking out the time to meet us today and to talk about your nightmare you are having using AdWords to promote your website online.

What kind of products or services did you sell online?

Charles: I own a online hosting company. We have about 15 staff working for us in our data center. So we not some wanna be hosting reseller company. People sometime think we are expensive compared to Godaddy or other hosting companies, but nobody beats us on uptime or the response time replying messages from our clients.

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We are almost 14 years in the hosting business, we highly ethical and trustworthy company. I remember we published our first Ads with Google at a time most people did not even know the search engine.

Being in a business relationship with a company for such a long time you start to build trust. So when we received an email out of the blue that our account had been suspended we thought they must have made some kind of mistake. We always respected and adhered the Terms & Conditions set out by Google.

BAB: After you received the notice that your account had been suspended. Did you speak with your AdWords account manager to clarify what happened?

Charles: I tried to call him, as I did in the past when I had any questions. But this time I was told he was on vocation and that he would be back in 3 days. I asked if somebody else could explain why my account got banned, but the call center agent told me I should call back when my account manager is back in the office.

I waited full 3 days. I was close to a nervous break down, as my sales came to a virtual halt. On the day my account manager supposed to be back at work, I called again. This time I was told he does not work for Google anymore.


I was shocked, so I asked why the hell did my account got suspended…? The guy explained to me in a very impolite tone of voice that it is an AdWords Policy not to discuss any reasons why a specific AdWords account had been suspended with a client.

BAB: So you Adwords account got shut down, but Google did not even tell you why?

Charles: Yes staff working in the AdWords office were extremely arrogant. They treated me like scum. I think I deserve to know what I did wrong, why they banned my account. But most importantly I deserver some kind of warning before the shut me down. I was using AdWords for so many years, I thought I was doing everything correct. I really hate AdWords for what they did to me.

BAB: Thank you for talking with us.