My Dream Destroyed

Getting into electronics was my dream ever since I was a little boy. When I opened my business when I got older, I thought that it was going to be a great thing. I got into importing electronic accessories from China and sold them directly online using AdWords to promote my site.


Throughout the 7 years since opening the business, it was successful. I would have customer after customer tell me that my services were great and that I was a very professional seller. However, after 7 years of hard work, my dream came crashing down.

It started with things not going well with importing electronic accessories from China. Like so many businesses, we worked with one bad supplier and things were not looking good. We tried to cancel our contract with this supplier and things got even worse. AdWords stepped in and banned my account with them.

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This took my business in a downward spiral and I lost everything. It seemed as if my life was flipped upside down. Friends who, I felt were my best friends, turned their backs on me and wanted nothing to do with my situation I was going through.


I was forced to move out of my house and into a small apartment. There I had to make sure that there was enough food on the table for me. I still had to pay for electricity and water and it has been very difficult. I regret my decision selling electronic accessories from China on AdWords because of the experience I had. I tried to talk to them to try to explain my case, but it seemed futile after many ignored requests.

Life is hard when you have nothing to show for it. While I was in the business, I forgot to save money to the side in a separate savings account and this caused me to really struggle when all my suppliers ran away. With AdWords, I was able to make the money back from what I purchased. However, when it was time to collect the money, I didn’t have it. This is the worst thing that could happen to someone who had a dream of being a very successful entrepreneur.

If you are ever thinking of doing anything with AdWords, you have to make sure that you are going to get everything in order before offering it on their site. I learned my lesson not to fiddle with people who are not 100% upfront and honest.