Most Common AdWords Mistakes

Google AdWords is a popular platform for advertisers to branch out to larger audiences on the internet.


Online advertising is an effective marketing strategy for companies to advertise their business in a professional, yet simple way. However, many new AdWords users are susceptible to making these common mistakes which can lead to ineffective advertising campaigns and even banning of their accounts.

  1. Using Prepaid Cards

Prepayment using Visa or MasterCard is a popular payment option among AdWords users. This allows users to pay first, and then have their funds deducted as they are spent, however once you designate your account to the prepayment option you cannot change it.

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It is also preferable for users to use the postpay method instead due to its less risky nature. While prepay setups appear to be less of a hassle, you must pay for your billing in advance of the ads being produced, and your ads may be stopped once your funds are exhausted.

  1. Invalid billing address

A simple, yet common mistake that users make when filling out their billing information is supplying an incorrect credit card billing address. It is important to make sure your credit card billing address matches the address of your AdWords account, or else Google may decline your credit card and refuse to display your ads. Also, it is a good idea to utilize the backup credit card feature in the event that there is an issue with your primary card.

  1. Opening multiple accounts

Using multiple accounts per person or company for an unfair advantage is another mistake that users make when opening accounts. Advertisers using multiple accounts to promote content to different sites are likely to receive a suspension from AdWords. Also opening another account on the same computer as a suspended account will probably result in your account being declined or suspended. So for your account’s sake, stick to one and avoid getting banned.


  1. Setting a high budget

Prior to setting up an advertising campaign, it is important to determine your budget for your campaign. AdWords allows set up a daily budget for this in your account. One mistake that is often made is overspending and setting a high daily budget after first opening the account, which can result in ads coming up less in the search results if the budget is close to being depleted.

  1. Copying other ads word for word

Writing a good ad copy is essential in persuading people to click your ad. However, copying content not only fails to make your ad stand out amongst competitors but it is also a violation of guidelines that Google has put into place. Consequently, publishing plagiarized content without the permission of its owner is disreputable and infringes on copyright laws. It is better to stick to creating your own unique ad copy in order to draw people in and avoid violating Google’s policies.

When opening a new AdWords account, it is crucial to be aware of the policies that Google employs while also adhering to sound, effective advertising strategies. Avoiding these common mistakes is a reliable way to start up your AdWords account without difficulty.



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