How to Promote your Business After You Got Banned From AdWords

Google AdWords has a virtual monopoly on online advertising. No other advertising platform is able to deliver laser target traffic as Google does. 


Google AdWords delivers high volume quality traffic to your website that converts really well. As you might be aware your AdWords account is strictly governed by the Terms and conditions of Google and you have to strictly comply with them if you don’t want to get banned from AdWords for life.

When you break any of their rules you will find that your Adwords account is suspended without any warning, and you will be totally at loss as you have no way to appeal or getting your account reinstated.

The real problem creeps in due to the constant change of rules by Google and you are forced to keep on updating your AdCampaigns. If you want to save your account from being locked without any warning, never overlook any changes in Google’s Terms and Conditions.

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The horrible part of this is that when you are running multiple accounts with their own campaigns and once you do something wrong in one account gets suspended, you lose all your accounts that are linked to the same advertisers profile and you lose everything.

Many business are relying only AdWords for promoting their products or services so entire business comes to a standstill when the account gets suspended. This is a nightmare scenario for any internet marketer who has been relying on Google for traffic and leads.

When you have spent so much money, effort and time in creating your perfect AdWords campaign through trial and error and found out which key words convert and which don’t, thats the moment you are going to get your account banned.

Google will takes off all your  running ads, in all your accounts for having committed an unintentional mistake in one unrelated account and now you are forced to start all over again. You realize that after all the troubles you have taken to take your business to this level, and all of a sudden you are nowhere.

This is the most dreaded moment in your life and you are totally clueless as to what to do next and how to set right the wrong you have done and the most tragic part is that many times you do not even know what wrong you have done to get this death blow to your entire online business venture. Any number emails or live chats or phone calls to Google are not going to help you in any way.


When you are building your business solely through AdWords you must be aware of the fact that such a situation can come to you at any time. Better be prepared for this dangerous event in your life and you should have an alternative plan in place to continue your business without Google as much as possible and you must not put all your eggs in one bag.

So, think of diversification and never lean on Google alone too much as it is going to pull your feet at any time and it will not relent in any way and give you another chance to get up and running. Hence, do not give undue importance to Google in marketing efforts and side by side build your business through other means also.

Have Google AdWords as your main weapon as long as it is available and learn to live without it also if situation warrants and you can have at least a part of your business running when Google suddenly shuts off your business at the most unexpected times.

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