Don’t Make Those Mistakes – Or AdWords Will Suspend Your Account

Most internet marketers will believe that Google Adwords is the best advertising platform available on the Internet.


It’s very effective because your ad can show up on top of search result pages of the biggest search engine in the world. Furthermore, it will also appear on relevant websites all over the Internet. When managed properly, Google Adwords can give a huge positive impact on your business.

However, you need to follow the advertising guidelines if you want to keep using this powerful advertising platform, otherwise your account could be banned and you no longer can use Adwords to promote your products or services.

There are many reasons why Google ban advertisers, basically because these advertisers are violating its advertising guidelines. Here are the top 5 reasons why Adwords bans its advertisers:

1. Lying in your AdWords Ads

There are several qualifications for an ad to be considered misleading according to Google, including:

Failure to provide relevant and important information – This includes, price, shipping costs, interest rates, recurring subscription cost, late payment fines, physical address if it’s actually necessary, and other relevant information.

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Unavailable promotion – This is when an advertiser is promoting special offers that are no longer available or can’t be found easily on the landing page, or promoting a price that’s lower than the actual price, etc.

Unrealistic promotions – This includes making false claims about the advertiser’s qualifications, promising something unrealistic like “miracle cures” or “get rich quick”, falsely claiming to be endorsed or affiliated with some trustworthy organizations, or promotions that trick users to interact with the advertiser like giving a site error warning or such.

Untrustworthy promotions – This is when the advertiser is concealing or giving false information about the business.

Trademark infringement 

You cannot just use trademark keywords like Apple, Disney, Gucci, or others in your ads. These trademark owners could file a complaint to Google if their trademarks are used or abused in Adwords text ads.

Misleading or poor landing page or site

User experience is a very important matter to Google, that’s why Adwords will ban advertisers that have low quality websites, with special concern on their landing pages. According to Google, every landing page should offer good experience to users, including in providing relevant and useful information, user friendly navigation, promoting transparency, and using ethical on page SEO, like original content, no keyword stuffing, etc.


Selling illegal goods

This is not only violating Adwords’ guidelines but clearly it’s also a felony. Whatever the reason is, trading counterfeit goods is wrong. Promoting these fake goods in Adwords is like asking Google to be your criminal accomplice.

Forgetting to pay your AdWords invoice on time

You cannot ride a bus without paying, so don’t even think that you can use Adwords for free. If you don’t pay your invoice on time, your account will be suspended until you pay the invoice.

Those are the most common reasons why Adwords bans its advertisers. So if you have been using or thinking about using Google Adwords to promote your business, you should try to avoid at least those five things mentioned above.



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