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How to Promote your Business After You Got Banned From AdWords

Google AdWords has a virtual monopoly on online advertising. No other advertising platform is able to deliver laser target traffic as Google does. 


Google AdWords delivers high volume quality traffic to your website that converts really well. As you might be aware your AdWords account is strictly governed by the Terms and conditions of Google and you have to strictly comply with them if you don’t want to get banned from AdWords for life. Continue reading How to Promote your Business After You Got Banned From AdWords


The Guy Who Lost Everything After AdWords Banned His Account

I met up with Charles Oshiro, who lost everything he built online because Google decided to ban his Adwords account for life.


BAB: Hi Charles, pleasure to meet u. I want to thank you for taking out the time to meet us today and to talk about your nightmare you are having using AdWords to promote your website online.

What kind of products or services did you sell online?

Charles: I own a online hosting company. We have about 15 staff working for us in our data center. So we not some wanna be hosting reseller company. People sometime think we are expensive compared to Godaddy or other hosting companies, but nobody beats us on uptime or the response time replying messages from our clients. Continue reading The Guy Who Lost Everything After AdWords Banned His Account

My Dream Destroyed

Getting into electronics was my dream ever since I was a little boy. When I opened my business when I got older, I thought that it was going to be a great thing. I got into importing electronic accessories from China and sold them directly online using AdWords to promote my site.


Throughout the 7 years since opening the business, it was successful. I would have customer after customer tell me that my services were great and that I was a very professional seller. However, after 7 years of hard work, my dream came crashing down. Continue reading My Dream Destroyed

Adwords Ban


Dear AdWords banned user, I know the frustration of having your online business put on hold and after weeks of back and forth e-mails with AdWords getting nowhere and being left stranded with thousands of questions.I’ve been there and done it. I am now here to show you how with ‘Beat Adwords Ban’ you can quickly and easily get back on Google and get your Ads running again. You will learn how to overcome anything AdWords throws at you. You will learn how to create accounts while keeping your real name, address, phone number and credit card number totally secure!

Continue reading Adwords Ban