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AdWords Ban Solution?

I started selling online 2004. I import all kind of African crafts to the US and EU. The idea is that the workers in Africa get a fair salary at the same time providing our customers with goods they just love.


We built our entire business around Adwords. We tried different advertisement formats, but the Adwords platform was the only one able to deliver high-quality traffic that also converts.

For many years we did really well selling our African craft goods until out of the blue we got our Adwords account banned. We are running the same Adwords campaigns for years, we did not make any changes, we always paid our Adwords fees on time. We never bid on any prohibited keywords, our products don’t infringe any one’s copyright.

We are just clueless why Adwords banned us. When contacting Adwords support it’s just a waste of time. The use same phrases over and over again. “We are unable to give you any specific reasons why your Adwords account was banned”, “please refrain from contacting us again”.

I soon realized once you banned from Adwords, you are banned for life. I thought I might just try to open a new account and see if it works. My account went life, I was able to create a new campaign, but it took less than a day until I got an email that my account was suspended again.

I was looking all over the internet to find more information on how to use Adwords again. I read different guides and I am honestly glad I found that ‘Get AdWords Unbanned’ book written by

It explained in detail all the sneaky methods used by Google to ban accounts, as well how to open a new 100% legal Adwords account without getting suspended again.

I am already 1 month back in Adwords, making money again with my African craft. I am glad I found a way to get my business back and also help those poor workers in Africa who need all support they can get.

If Adwords also banned you, check out Get AdWords Unbanned. The book will not win the Nobel price, but it helped me to get my business back. I even have a second Adwords backup account, to make sure this never happens again.  


Top 4 Reasons AdWords Suspends AdVertisers

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