How AdWords Destroyed My Travel Agency Business

As I logged into my AdWord account, I struggled to compose myself. I tried to make sure I was wide awake, for this was one of the most important days in my life.


I felt bead of perspiration that form on my brow. My hands were damp with tension and I hid them under the table.

A year earlier I was still struggling to get my travel agency business off the ground but things got better after 6 months of online marketing recommended by Cody, my best friend and roommate from college. The company grew faster and bigger that I’d ever imagined. Starting with $10,000, prefer travel and tours exploded to 20 employees, rich clients and over $2million in revenue. I became an expert at hiring, training, and marketing. I was in the middle of a money making money storm, cash flowing in, around, and out of my company. I became a millionaire, it was exciting and I got lost in the hurricane of excitement. I bought a 2010 model of Porsche and state of the art electronics and gadgets; sure I was winning the rat race, so I thought.

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I had boasted to my friend that will become a proud owner of a beachfront home on an island in Hawaii after I sold my business in 2 years and I’ll be free forever.

After 2 years had tripled my revenue, life was good. I decided to take a trip around the world. I packed my bags, surfboard, called my best friend Cody, a few friends and we headed to Fiji islands in search of adventure. We began with underwater sightseeing in beqa islands, snorkeling at the beach. Then we headed to Thailand and Singapore. This was the life I wanted and was living my reality exploring beautiful countries without a care in the world.

After a month I came home. It was time to make more money and expand. Jetlag. I sat at my porch in the cool evening with a bottle of beer, still adjusting with jetlag. I flashed back to the first time I set up my first campaign with the last 500 bucks, to the feeling of euphoria to see that I had made $4000 in 48hrs from a couple who want to travel to Belize for their 25th wedding anniversary. We were 500% ROI from our adword campaigns and if everything went as planned, I imagined buying the beachfront home I want to retire to.

I got to work the next morning before 8am, my PA greeted me in her usual smile while trying to give me updates of everything that happened while I was away.


This was going to the most important day of my career, for it was the last day of my business.

I can’t remember how it all happened. What I know is that my Google AdWords account was suspended; I tried reaching support countless times through email and all I was told that I violated the terms of service.

And to make matters worse I was in debt from bank loans, deadline was 2 months away, I had lay off 18 staff, many who are friends. In other words, I was back in the rat race, this time at rock bottom, for I was $5million in debt.